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8/12/2013 - Open Mic - Jeremy Martin, MyPlash/Star Racing Yamaha, 2-3 for second in 250 Class by


Not only are you blossoming into the rider that the folks at Yamaha thought you were going to be, but you have to be a favorite with the fans and in the pits heading into 2014.
Yeah, for sure. One thing I noticed today was out on the track … I’m always going to have some fans, I think, but today was the first time I’ve noticed that I’ve gone to a race and more people were cheering me on. I could hear air horns when I was riding! I think it’s pretty cool. I think I’m starting to grow a bigger fan base. It’s awesome.


Take us through your motos.
Yeah, running up front the first moto was good. I learned a lot. I finally figured out why I was struggling at the beginning of the season. I wasn’t breathing and my technique was just off. With the help of the whole Star team and the Carmichael farm I was able to turn it around mid-season. Now we’re able to see the results. Riding with Ryan [Dungey] everyday at the farm, it’s a big help. I’ve learned a lot from him. We both push each other big time.


Is it good to get a result like this at this track? I’m sure it’s cool to lead in front of the home folks at Millville, but people are going to say, “Well, he just did good because he knows that track.” What does this mean to back it up?
Honestly Millville helped me out quite a bit. I got the lead for a while and things started to kind of click a little bit and I came here. I felt more confident for sure. My starts have been good. Getting to lead was awesome. A lot of people think, “He was winning because it was Millville” or “He had a second in that first moto because it was Millville.” So to be able to back it up here is a good feeling for sure. – Jason Weigandt



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