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7/8/2013 - Insight: Jeremy Martin by Racer X


MyPlash/Star Racing Yamaha’s Jeremy Martin becomes the first of the heralded 2013 rookie class to score an overall podium, doing it with a strong 4-3 weekend at RedBud. How did he do it? Let’s find out.

By Chase Stallo


Racer X: First career moto podium. How’s it feel?
Jeremy Martin: Yeah, it feels great. The whole field’s here now, instead of supercross [due to the split coasts] there was 20 missing. Now the other 20 are here and they’re all fast, they’re fit, and to be able to get up on the box, it’s a pretty cool feeling.


Talk about the second moto. Marvin [Musquin] was really pressuring you throughout. For the most part you really held tough until late and then he got passed you and went down, but you were really holding it together.
Marvin and I were just battling for probably about 10-15 minutes he was right on my butt the whole time. And I was like, man, just focus on you, race the track. And that’s what I did. He ended up getting around me. The track was really gnarly. There were a lot of ruts going down the straightaways and through the corners and it was really soft. Marvin ended up going down and I was able to finish her out and get on the box.


Does RedBud remind you of home a little bit, the track?
Yeah, the track reminds me of being at home. I grew up and sometimes it would rain and everything like that and the track would be really soft, there would be deep ruts everywhere and stuff. Honestly, I really enjoy riding these type of conditions. The track here at RedBud is good every year. It’s my first time here as a professional and it’s pretty cool.


Going forward this has got to just give you a huge amount of confidence.
Yeah, it’s definitely some confidence. Honestly, I believe I could have been up here earlier in the season, I just had to make sure I put all the pieces of the puzzle together right and things clicked right. So to be able to do that on a July 4th weekend, it’s a pretty cool thing.


And talk about the crowd. Were you feeding off that at all?
Yeah, the crowd was awesome. I was out there and I’d come by every lap in the back of the track and someone was honking the air horn, they’re cheering you on. It just kind of pumps you up and when you’re tired it’s all worth it.


And you’ve become the first rookie this season to have an overall podium.
Yeah, to be the first rookie to get the overall podium is a cool thing. I know Cooper Webb, my teammate, got on the box for a moto; that was cool. The bike’s real good this year. To be the first rookie to get up there overall, it’s a pretty cool feeling.


The team that you’re on this year, a lot of competition. What’s the vibe over at the MyPlash Yamaha camp?
The MyPlash, Metal Mulisha Yamaha camp is doing really good. We got Cooper Webb who’s a great rookie, great amateur. Already put the bike up on the box in moto. He’s really fast. And then you’ve got Kyle Cunningham who’s like the veteran in the Lites class. He knows his program. He knows what works for him. So we’ve got a good group of people over there and we’re just trying to keep plugging away and get better every weekend.


Is there something you can point to this weekend that you changed? Did you just feel good coming in?
Yeah, last week I trained and did a lot of stuff. I really worked hard on my technique and a few other little stuff with my riding coach, Dylan Turner. I just kept plugging away. You can’t give up; it’s a long season. Just try to keep building and keep getting better.


When you’re talking about changing up a lot of stuff are you talking riding technique or bike setup?
I would just say maybe riding technique, like what I’m doing on the bike. Trying to become a little bit more solid. Eli [Tomac] and all the front runners are really solid when they’re riding the bike. They’re fast. In order to go fast you got to be solid and you got be in control. Otherwise you’re only going to be fast for a little bit. So just working on stuff like that. It’s nice to see it paying off.


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