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4/12/2013 - Insight: Jeremy Martin By Racer X


An already injury riddled 250SX East Region suffered another setback in Houston when MyPlash/Star Racing Yamaha’s star-studded rookie Jeremy Martin went down in practice with a fractured wrist. The owner of four top fives, including a podium in Daytona, will now miss the remainder of Monster Energy Supercross, but is expected to be 100 percent for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross season opener at Hangtown May 18. We caught up with Martin yesterday to get a full update on his injury.


Racer X: First off, how is the wrist doing?
Jeremy Martin:
Unfortunately it’s broken. I’ll be off the bike for about two to three weeks, and then I should be able to start riding again. It’s kind of a bummer deal.


Was it a pretty clean break? They aren’t expecting to have to do surgery or anything?
Yeah, no surgery or anything. It was just a little crack on the side, so I should be back very soon.


Obviously this wasn’t how you wanted to end your supercross season, but it appears that it won’t affect outdoor preparation much.
No, it won’t affect it much. It puts a little damper on outdoors because I was planning on riding outdoors after Minneapolis. But I’ll be fine; maybe this break may be nice


Are you bummed you’re going to miss your hometown race this weekend?
Yeah, I’m pretty bummed out about that. I had a lot of friends and family asking me for tickets and stuff. To not be able to race in front of those guys, and not be able to race in the Minneapolis Dome where I grew up watching professionals before me ride, bums me out a little bit.


You dealt with some injuries last year during the last few Nationals, but this season you have put to rest any doubt about your abilities to be a contender. Does it give you a sense of gratification?
I knew going into the last three Nationals last year that I wasn’t even 80 percent, and that I was still pretty banged up. I knew a lot of people were saying that, “Martin doesn’t have the speed.” I honestly just put my head down, and I knew where I could be and I knew where I wanted to be. My supercross season was a little up and down for my rookie season, but I did show some speed and I did get a podium this year at probably one of the gnarliest supercross races. To be able to do that was definitely an accomplishment.


Like you said, some people were down on you after the Nationals last year, maybe not knowing the injuries you were dealing with. Did the doubts give you added motivation this off-season?
Yeah, for sure. The motivation was definitely there with people saying, “Martin isn’t going to rise to the challenge.” It was definitely burning in the back of my mind. I was pretty bummed on how I did at the last few outdoors, so there was some motivation there as well. For me, I really want to win, because I won in the amateur ranks and it feels good.


Outdoors are not long away now as we speak. Are you itching to get back out there and show that you can ride outdoors just as well as you can in supercross?
Yeah, I can’t wait for Hangtown. I’m really excited. Supercross is a whole new thing, and I’ve had a blast riding it. Even in Houston, I was having fun when the whoops were super big. I learned a lot, and what I learned in supercross, I think, will make me a better outdoor rider. So I’m really looking forward to this outdoor season.


Your older brother Alex, who ironically will also be coming back from a wrist injury, will also be back for Hangtown. You ready for the sibling rivalry to reignite?
Yeah, I’m ready for it. I’m hoping everyone else is ready for Hangtown as well though.


Are you looking forward to getting back out there with guys like Ken Roczen, who you haven’t raced against since last year?
For sure. I’m definitely looking forward to racing everyone. I’ve heard some rumors about people saying the East Coast is the Least Coast, and it’s not as fast as the West Coast, so I’m definitely really excited to have everyone line up outdoors and have everyone be there and still prove that I can run up front and battle it out with the front runners.


You have been training down at Ricky [Carmicheal’s] farm this season. What have you been able to take away from one of the greatest riders of all time?
What I was able to really take away from the Carmichael farm is that there is good people around me and it’s a great facility to train at. If I ever have any questions or concerns at all I can go over and talk with Ricky, or Big Rick or even Jennie for that matter. I work with Jennie every day and we have a great program put together on the bike. And Ricky has helped put a program together off the bike. It has really worked out well, and it’s a confidence booster to be able to stay here and know that the greatest of all time trained here as well.


Talk about the influence Ryan [Morais, team manager] has had on you this year. It seems like he is always around showing you different things during the track walk and throughout the day.
Yeah, Ryan Morais has been a huge influence on me. He’s a great rider and team manager and I couldn’t ask for anyone better. It’s nice to have someone there that has a lot of experience and that has raced, and he’s been in the position I’ve been in. He’s helped guide me in the right direction and has really helped me out.


I’m not sure if you’re aware, but we had a poll on Racer X Online this week about who has been the best rookie this year and you’re currently leading. I know you’ve had some biggest accomplishments in your career, but this has to rank right up there. [Laughs]
I didn’t know you guys did a poll, but to be up front and winning it is pretty cool. I want to keep moving forward and keep the momentum going and be positive and come back from this injury and be stronger. I really hope to have a solid outdoor season and be able to battle with those guys, and hopefully be in the championship hunt.



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