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12/3/2010 - Rockstar Suzuki Amateur Team Dominates the Mini-O's


BREA, CA (December 1, 2010) – The Unlimited Sports Winter National Olympics (known as the “Mini-O’s”) is a weeklong event that runs through Thanksgiving Day. Long considered a showcase for future stars, the Mini-O’s has hosted countless factory riders who have gone on to become Motocross and Supercross Champions. A proving ground for the nation’s top amateur riders, this event is unique because racers compete in two different disciplines, Supercross and Motocross, with overall championships awarded for each individual discipline along with overall championships for combined disciplines. Combined total entries numbered over 3,100, so only the very best were able to make it to the podium and the Rockstar Suzuki Amateur Motocross Team was at the top.


Riding the 2011 line of Suzuki RM-Z’s and the RM85, including the new fuel-injected RM-Z250, the Rockstar Suzuki Amateur Team came to the Mini-O’s to test themselves and their Suzuki’s against the best amateur riders in the U.S. It turned out that the best riders were already on the team, as they put on a dominating performance with individual and combined championships and podiums throughout the Suzuki ranks.


Jordon Smith was perfect on his RM85 with both Motocross and Supercross championships in the 85 12-13 Modified class. More championships came via Jeremy Martin (250B Stock Supercross Champion, Schoolboy 14-16 Supercross Champion, and 250B Stock Motocross Champion), Justin Summers (Open B Stock Supercross Champion), and Jace Owen (Youth 12-16 Modified Motocross Champion). Joey Savatgy took his RM-Z250 to two championships in Schoolboy 14-16 Motocross and 250B Modified Motocross, and Joey Crown added the 85 9-11 Stock Supercross championship to the Suzuki tally. All in all, Rockstar Suzuki’s Amateur Team took home 24 podiums including 10 major championships.


"American Suzuki Motor Corporation is very pleased with our amateur results at the Mini-O’s,” said Suzuki's Motocross Support Specialist, Brian Noah. “We’re proud of all our riders and ecstatic with the performance of the RM’s and RM-Z’s in each and every class.”


2010 Unlimited Sports Winter National Olympics Championships:


Jordon Smith

85 12-13 Mod – 1st – SX

85 12-13 Mod – 1st – MX



Jeremy Martin

250 B Stock – 1st – SX

Schoolboy 14-16 – 1st – SX

250 B Mod – 3rd – SX

250 B Stock – 1st – MX


Justin Summers

250 B Stock – 2nd – SX

Open B Stock – 1st – SX

Open B Mod – 2nd – SX

250 B Mod – 3rd – MX

Open B Mod – 2nd – MX  


Steven Gretchen

85 12-13 Stock – 3rd – SX

85 12-13 Mod – 2nd – SX

85 12-13 Mod – 2nd – MX


Joey Savatgy

250 B Mod – 2nd – SX

Schoolboy 14-16 – 1st – MX

250 B Mod – 1st – MX

250 B Stock – 2nd – MX


Rookie White

85 9-11 Mod – 3rd – MX          


Landon Currier

250 A/Pro Am Stock - 3rd – SX       


Jace Owen

Youth 12-16 Mod – 3rd – SX

Youth 12-16 Mod – 1st – MX

250 B Stock – 3rd – MX


Joey Crown

85 9-11 Stock 1st – SX



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